Living the GoodLife in Ghana


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BCS Project Start-Up
Baseline data collected

Data collection firm selected
- data collected
- data entered
- data analyzed

GoodLife FP "Life Choices" starts
Community-based activities starts
GoodLife concept created and pretested
GoodLife Teaser Campaign launches

TV & Radio Spots, Newspapers, Posters, Community Events, SMS, Etc - to generate interest and curiosity, with no link to any health issue. The teaser lasted about three weeks and was designed to generate curiosity and mystery. It simply asked of the audience: "What is your Good Life? What do you enjoy and value in life?"

GoodLife brand positioning launches

The brand positioning phase, which included print materials and TV and radio spots, revealed the link between good life and good health.

GoodLife brand establishment campaign starts

The GoodLife Concert, which was held in Takoradi's Jubilee Park on Jan. 1, 2011, featured live performances from more than 20 of Ghana's top musicians and bands. The recorded concert was broadcast multiple times on Ghana's national television station, GTV.

Maternal health blood donation activities initiated
Ghana Hairdresser’s and Beautician’s Association activities initiated
Broadcast of GoodLife game show

The TV game show tests the knowledge of contestants and audience members on project-related health topics addressed through the GoodLife campaign.

GoodLife Malaria Campaign starts
GoodLife Nutrition SuperHeroes starts
GoodLife ORS plus Zinc campaign starts
GoodLife Handwashing campaign starts
My husband and I decided to access the five-year method to enable our six-month-old baby to grow well and healthy. Today, we are happy because we are safe from pregnancy for the next five years.
Comfort Odoom, a 24-year-old mother of one, remark made during a follow-up visit by project staff