India's first female comic superhero Priya, a gang-rape survivor who earlier campaigned against rape, acid attack and sex trafficking, is back to fight disinformation around the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Priya's Mask, due to be launched on 2 December, the comic crusader joins hands with Jiya, the "Burka Avenger", a popular character from a Pakistani cartoon show, as the two go about trying to tackle the pandemic - and also the "infodemic", a major proliferation in fake news surrounding the coronavirus.

This article explains that evaluation expenses are highly situational and there is no simple way to calculate costs. It offers several steps involved in costing a program's evaluation.

Le changement social et de comportement est une discipline qui repose sur une compréhension profonde du comportement des êtres humains et de la société ainsi que sur des interventions basées sur des données probantes afin d’encourager l’adoption de comportements sains et d’influencer les normes sociales et de genre qui les sous-tendent.

This video highlights the voices of male champions who have vowed to be at the fore-front in the quest to end FGM, child marriage and other forms of sexual and gender based violence.