The Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus [Toolkit]

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In response to the need to incorporate counseling, screening, and services for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, within routine family planning consultations in settings characterized by high prevalence of these infections, the Balanced Counseling Strategy (BCS) , developed in 2008, was revised to integrate STI/HIV prevention counseling, risk assessment, and HIV counseling and testing (HCT). The resulting Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus (BCS+) toolkit improves the quality of the family planning service and enables providers to address clients’ needs related to STIs and HIV during the same consultation. 
This toolkit is an interactive, client-friendly approach for improving counseling and was tested in Kenya and South Africa. 
Included in this tookit are users guides, counseling cards, job aids, methods brochures, and a trainer's guide.
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