Pakistan Bright Future Lady Health Worker App

Health Communication Component, Pakistan

Building upon the effectiveness of the paper-based IPC toolkit, Roshan Mustaqbil, the Pakistan Health Communication Component (HCC) took this innovation to the next level by combining it with information technology and developed a mobile phone application that uses the same counseling approach.

This mobile version of RM retains the structure of 3-steps for IPC during a visit or meeting of the health worker. However, the illustrations on the counseling card have been replaced with a video to help the health worker tell the story of unhealthy and healthy families in a better way.   The purpose of this Roshan Mustaqbil App is to harness the mobile technology to enhance health workers’ own knowledge and help them deliver MNCH content to the community in a more effective manner. The current RM App has been developed in Urdu and has undergone two iterations to incorporate the feedback of health workers from Matiari district of Sindh province.