COVID-19 Strategies

This report, which was developed in consultation with leading experts in social and behavioral sciences and public health, outlines evidence-informed communication strategies in support of national COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts across federal agencies and their state and local partners.

The overall goal of this strategy is to effectively coordinate Kenyan national and county communications and community engagement activities to prevent the spread of the disease, build trust in the leaders and health workers to provide accurate information and essential services, and encourage communities’ active participation in supporting the risk reduction and response measures.

 This strategy outlines the importance and priorities of RCCE in the response to new coronavirus in Africa, including suggested RCCE activities throughout the different phases of reparedness,
containment and response, with supporting tools to help deliver these. It serves as a template for African National Societies to develop their own RCCE strategy based on their local context and capacities and can support with the development of preparedness, contingency and response plans.