ISHI  was a behavior change communication campaign directed to Tanzanian youth to help them understand the risks associated with HIV/AIDS and to help them learn ways to protect themselves. The overall campaign objective was to increase the number of young men and women who believe they are at personal risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and to motivate them to adopt protective behaviors.  The key message for ISHI phase II was  “You cannot tell by knowing."

In 1999 Femina Hip was set up as a civil society organization in Tanzania to foster healthy lifestyles by educating and connecting young people around sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as HIV/AIDS prevention at a precarious time of the epidemic.

Le projet E2A (Evidence to Action Project) est un programme phare mondial de l'USAID qui vise à renforcer ces services de planification familiale et les prestations de services de santé reproductive de façon globale. Le projet vise à répondre aux besoins de soins de santé reproductive des filles, des femmes et des communautés mal desservies du monde entier en augmentant le soutien, en mettant à disposition des évidences et en accompagnant le passage à l’échelle des meilleures pratiques qui améliorent les services de planification familiale.