Neglected Tropical Diseases

The SBCC Emergency Helix describes a communication blueprint for strengthening community stability, health system adaptability and the evolution toward resilience.

OpenWHO is WHO’s interactive, web-based, knowledge-transfer platform offering online courses to improve the response to health emergencies. OpenWHO enables the Organization and its key partners to transfer life-saving knowledge to large numbers of frontline responders.

To promote health behavior change across the six focal health areas of Malawi's Moyo ndi Mpamba campaign and increase brand recognition, SSDI-Communication produced a series of posters, leaflets, billboards, and radio spots that it disseminated on a massive scale.   

A page which describes the ways in which a community can protect against mosquito-borne illnesses.  The page includes 

  • Removing mosquito breeding sites around the house and community
  • Using insecticides

A poster warning people planning to travel to the American Tropics of the dangers of mosquito bites - for prevetnion of dengue, Zika virus, and Chikungunya.

Prevention information includes:

  • Use insect repellent
  • Use air conditioning or window/door screens
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants