Low-Resource Tools

Community-led monitoring (CLM) is a technique initiated and implemented by local community-based organizations and other civil society groups, networks of key populations (KP), people living with HIV (PLHIV), and other affected groups, or other community entities that gather quantitative and qualitative data about HIV services.

This brief states that M&E does not have to be time-consuming or expensive to be worthwhile, but it does require some resources to plan it, collect information, and use the results to strengthen your program. It will guide programs in making the most of a limited budget.

IndiKit was developed by the Czech INGO People in Need (PIN). It aims to make M&E of relief and development interventions easier and better by helping humanitarian and development workers to use well-formulated project indicators. It also helps them to correctly collect and analyze the data required for each indicator.

This brief offers practical guidance on how to use social listening as a tool to inform social and behavior change (SBC) programs. It is intended for global and regional SBC program implementers, evaluators, and donors in USAID priority countries. Social listening uses existing data from public online sources. It can be conducted both retrospectively and prospectively, enabling SBC program, research, and evaluation stakeholders to access relevant insights in a quick and cost-effective way.