Tékponon Jikuagou - Addressing Unmet Need for Family Planning Through Social Networks in Benin


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Project Start-Up in Mali
Formative Research Conducted
Intervention Design
Coup d'État in Mali
Project Relocates to Benin
Benin Project Launch
Formative Research Conducted, Intervention Design Refined
Pilot Phase Begins (90 villages in Couffo Department)
Cohort Interviews begin - Round 1 of 3
Baseline Survey
TJ Package Activities Begin
Pilot Phase Ends
Endline Survey
Scale-up Phase Begins (88 villages, Couffo + Ouémé Depts)
Baseline survey
Interventions by Four NGOs
Scalability Assessments Begin

These include organizational capacity assessments, effects of NGO integration into projects, and Most Significant Change story collection

Scale-up Phase ends
Endline survey
I often talked with 15 or so people at a time. During these sessions, we talked a lot about the number of children we have and family planning... I have talked about these things with my sisters, my co-wives, my mother, with my friends and with my sister-in-law.
Female influential