Moyo ndi Mpamba, Usamalireni! Inspiring Behavior Change in Malawi


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Project Start-Up
Baseline Data Collected
Reality Radio Begins Airing
SBCC Strategy Finalized
Pretesting of Moyo ndi Mpamba
Moyo ndi Mpamba Launch
Family Health Booklet Finalized
Marriage Counseling Program Finalized and Launched
Radio Drama Begins Airing
First Moyo ndi Mpanba National Radio Dialogues
Music for Life Festivals Implemented
Community Health Worker Flipchart Finalized
Endline Evaluation Data Collected
Second Moyo ndi Mpamba National Radio Dialogues
SSDI-Communication Ends
I have 4 children and I intended to have 2 more…. But your program has...helped me make a decision... to stick with the 4 children that I already have. Keep the program going, we are learning a lot.
Mr. J Banda, Chindungwa Village, Machinga District, radio program listener