mCenas! SMS Client Education among Youth


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Formative research, Design, Testing, Review

Formative data collection with young people; design of stories and informational messages, translation, pilot testing of content and message revision, stakeholder review and approval

Testing platform

Design and testing of mCenas! platform

Study protocol

Study protocol design with E2A


Enrollment into mCenas (through activistas at the community-based organizations in Matola district and Inhambane City district)

Rollout of messages

First 8 weeks of enrollment: user receives 24 chapters (3x a week) of story
Weeks 9-12: users receive informational messages about all contraceptive methods (3x a week)
Throughout, users have access to menus where they can request information about contraceptive methods as well as other sexuality topics

Project closes
Assessment released

E2A-led assessment of mCenas released