Communities Take Action: Postabortion Care in Kenya


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Secured Commitment with District Team

Secured commitment with Naivasha District Health Management Team


Finalized training manual and behavior change communication cards, and trained staff in Community Action Cycle

Identified Workers

Identified units and selected CHWs and CHEWs for training


Trained CHWs and CHEWs

Baseline Evaluation

Baseline evaluation carried out

Main Implementation Period

June 2010- June 2011 - Community engagement, Developed action plans, Carried out action plans (Round 1)

Trained providers in PAC
Evaluation of action plans
Follow-up of trained providers
Action Plans

Action plans (Round 2), Ongoing mentoring and support

Endline Evaluation
Intervention in comparison sites
PAC has also trained us on how to unite people so that they can be able to do work for themselves. We have seen that they have started to do many things in places where nothing could be done before. Things have been able to take place through PAC.
FGD with Community members in Karunga, Kiambogo, and Longonot (Older Men)