‘Get it Together’ Social Mobilization: Nigeria


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Project Launched

Contracting, purchasing, leasing, hiring and coordination across the states, cities and LGAs required significant human and time resources.

Research Carried Out

During this year, all baseline population and facility surveys commenced, and data collection for the formative audience research began.

Strategy Meetings

Conducted strategy meetings with openness and partnership, incorporating all NURHI partners, other collaborating partners, stakeholders, and government at all levels

Policy and Advocacy Core Group created

Formed and led the Policy and Advocacy Core Group, comprised of NURHI advocacy partners as well as other actors in the RH advocacy arena, to coordinate activities and messages

Website constructed and launched

Website was constructed and launched


During Year 2, 100 providers were trained to provide FP services/information in integrated MCH in initial 4 cities.

Family Planning Providers Network Formed

The FPPN was formed during this time period. Initial members were identified and orientations were held in four cities.

Project components fully launched and implemented

Year 3 was the first full year of implementation.

Youth Urban Mobilization Strategy Implemented

The strategy centers on promoting and ensuring community level engagement for FP.

Materials for Young People Produced

NURHI successfully developed youth-friendly communication materials to generate demand for FP services across project sites. To do so, NURHI and CCPN held a series of participatory workshops, including a media materials workshop and Youth Urban Mobilization strategy review meetings.

Radio Program for Youth Airs

In collaboration with African Radio Drama Association (ARDA), NURHI held radio design and treatment workshops. ARDA then developed scripts based on the strategy and produced a 26-episode half-hour radio magazine programs for Ilorin/Ibadan, Kaduna and the FCT. The program includes entertaining hosts, drama, songs, experts, quizzes, vox pops, and user testimonials.

Increase in Youth Mobilization Activities

During this period, youth social mobilization focused on building best practices and on increasing the mutual reinforcement of program, advocacy and services activities. Mobilization activities were linked to service delivery outreach events, where services were provided to mobilized clients.

Football Matches Introduced

To increase male support for modern family planning, the Get it Together team kicked off football matches for the championship at the city, regional and national levels.

Promotional Materials Distributed

Branded Get it Together materials were produced and distributed through program activities; posters, FP leaflets, and branded materials such as shopping bags, pens, badges, wrist bands, beach umbrellas, reflective jackets, hijab apron. Specific materials reached out to men and women through ‘beautiful’ and ‘successful’ brochures.

Impact Evaluation Carried Out
I like talking to people about family planning because it puts the fear of unwanted pregnancy and abortion out of the way...I will continue to talk to them until they imbibe the family planning idea.
Honourable Dan Mussa, Social Mobilizer