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This infographic briefly covers the reliability, low cost, and availability of LARCs, especially in light of the US Affordable Care Act.  It also advertises LARC Awareness Week which was held in November 2012.

The goal of Stay Teen is to encourage young people to enjoy their teen years and avoid the responsibilities that come with too-early pregnancy and parenting.  The site strives to provide information about issues like sex, relationships, waiting, and contraception, in order to better prepare teens to make informed choices for their future. 

This is the US Department of Health's main website for the general population, to learn about the latest flu outbreaks, symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Website includes sections on:

The Network for a Healthy California mapping application is an interactive, internet-based Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows users to view and query mapped nutrition data.

The application contains a set of nutrition and other health related data, including: