This brief offers practical guidance on how to use social listening as a tool to inform social and behavior change (SBC) programs. It is intended for global and regional SBC program implementers, evaluators, and donors in USAID priority countries. Social listening uses existing data from public online sources. It can be conducted both retrospectively and prospectively, enabling SBC program, research, and evaluation stakeholders to access relevant insights in a quick and cost-effective way.

Le changement social et de comportement est une discipline qui repose sur une compréhension profonde du comportement des êtres humains et de la société ainsi que sur des interventions basées sur des données probantes afin d’encourager l’adoption de comportements sains et d’influencer les normes sociales et de genre qui les sous-tendent.

On behalf of Breakthrough RESEARCH, the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), in collaboration with the Population Council, assessed two of the three couple communication approaches on FP that are being implemented by the Maternal and Child Survival Project (MCSP) in Togo’s Kloto district: in-home couple counseling and group discussions. The overall goal was to assess the benefits and feasibility of these two approaches as well as to determine which elements of each are best suited for roll-out on a broader scale.