Sub-Saharan Africa

Un rapport de lignes directrices provisoires pour les États membres de la région africaine de l'OMS concernant la santé publique et les mesures sociales pour prévenir la propagation des COVID19. 

A report of provisional guidelines for Member States in the WHO African Region regarding public health and social measures to prevent the propagation of COVID19.

Behavior change is complex and can be a challenging programmatic objective to achieve in any context, requiring a clear understanding of why people engage in behaviors in the first place. Tackling it from an unconventional perspective, however, may lead to fresh insights that can help inform the design of social and behavior change (SBC) programs and maximize their success.

The PrEP Communications Accelerator is a free interactive, digital resource that supports national governments, program implementers, and health practitioners to develop marketing and communications that drive demand for PrEP in sub-Saharan Africa.