While many Senegalese mothers visit health facilities to immunize their newborns, far fewer discuss family planning options with a health worker. Integrating family planning counseling into immunization services is a promising practice to address reproductive health needs in the extended postpartum period. A project supported by Ideas42 and IntraHealth developed a behaviorally informed model that integrates these two services to help more women access the family planning option that is right for them.

Tostan is an organization in Senegal which empowers communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future and inspires large-scale movements leading to dignity for all.The organization has produced two pamphlets about COVID-19.

Le projet E2A (Evidence to Action Project) est un programme phare mondial de l'USAID qui vise à renforcer ces services de planification familiale et les prestations de services de santé reproductive de façon globale. Le projet vise à répondre aux besoins de soins de santé reproductive des filles, des femmes et des communautés mal desservies du monde entier en augmentant le soutien, en mettant à disposition des évidences et en accompagnant le passage à l’échelle des meilleures pratiques qui améliorent les services de planification familiale.

The USAD-funded CapacityPlus project, led by IntraHealth International, developed, deployed, and assessed an innovative mLearning system that used a combination of IVR and SMS text messaging to deliver refresher training to family planning providers in Senegal, focusing on management of contraceptive side effects and counseling to dispel misconceptions.