These infographics are from a project called "The Girl Generation," a UK-based NGO dedicated to ending FGM, These country infographics highlight basic statistics on FGM in each of The Girl Generation's focal countries:

This report summarizes the key results emerging from an evaluation exercise carried out in Naivasha District to assess the effects of the COMMPAC intervention. The evaluation used a quasi-experimental design, with intervention and comparison groups covering six study sites within Naivasha District.

A baseline data collection exercise was carried out from May to June 2010 in Naivasha District to provide a benchmark against which the RESPOND intervention may be measured during endline evaluation. The evaluation used

In Kenya, maternal health complications are a leading cause of morbidity among women. Kenya’s Rift Valley Province has consistently had the highest level of abortion-related outpatient morbidity in the country since at least 2003. These realities necessitate interventions to prevent unintended or mistimed pregnancies and to ensure access to quality care for women with postabortion complications

The objectives of this strategy are to increase knowledge and awareness so that it is possible to eliminate mother to child transmission of HIV, create demand for integrated maternal, neonatal and child health services, including PMTCT and create a socially, politically and programmatically enabling environment to achieve EMTCT.