This teaser card was used in the first phase of the GoodLife Ghana Project.  It was designed to create "buzz" and curiosity about the meaning of the phrase GoodLife and what the project was going to address.  In the second phase of the project, more information was provided, linking GoodLife to wishes for a better life via good health.

These activity cards are part of a Community Action Kit used in the GoodLife Ghana Project.

GoodLife Ghana was part of the Behavior Change Support (BCS) Project, and was conducted from September 2009 to September 2013. It was designed to assist Ghana Health Services by addressing five key health areas: Family Planning, Maternal and Child Health, Malaria, Nutrition and Water and Sanitation.

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This leaflet was part of a set of teaser materials for the GoodLife Ghana Project.

The Life Choices Family Planning Flip Chart was created as part of the "Life Choices" campaign in Ghana. It is a counseling tool with full-color illustrations and basic information on each contraceptive method, including: description of method, how it works, advantages and disadvantages. 

This flipchart is designed to guide the service provider through the PMTCT counseling session. It is divided into four sections. Each section is marked by a different color. The following are the various sections:
  • Information about pre-test HIV counseling