Launched in 2016, (re)solve is a four-year project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is led by Pathfinder International in partnership with Camber Collective, The International Center for Women, and ideas42, and is active in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, and Ethiopia.

These four posters address pregnant women, nursing women, and couples with advice from the Ministry of Health about how to keep oneself safe from infection. Click on each poster to see it larger.

 Bien que l’utilisation de la planification familiale augmente dans la majorité des pays en développement, l’Afrique de l’Ouest reste à la traîne. Les taux de fécondité dans les pays francophones de la région restent élevés avec une moyenne de 5,4 enfants par femme. Ils ont par conséquent la croissance démographique la plus rapide au monde (2,96%). 

On behalf of Breakthrough RESEARCH, the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), in collaboration with the Population Council, assessed two of the three couple communication approaches on FP that are being implemented by the Maternal and Child Survival Project (MCSP) in Togo’s Kloto district: in-home couple counseling and group discussions. The overall goal was to assess the benefits and feasibility of these two approaches as well as to determine which elements of each are best suited for roll-out on a broader scale.