Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Project (ZISSP)

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

 The Zambia Integrated Systems Strengthening Program (ZISSP) was a four-and-a-half year USAID-funded, Abt Associates-led project which increased the use of quality, high-impact health services through a health systems strengthening approach in Zambia.

The ZISSP team employed interventions to strengthen processes and capacity at all levels of the health system, while simultaneously enhancing access to and use of high-impact health services. These services addressed malaria, family planning, HIV and AIDS, and maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition. ZISSP collaborated with communities to encourage the use of public health services by Zambians and their families.

Working with partner organizations, and led by Abt Associates, JHU CCP managed the social and behavior change aspects of this project.

Specifically JHU CCP was tasked with:

  • Working in 9 provinces across 27 Districts
  • Providing integrated and harmonized messages at the community level in line with Communication Support for Health (CSH) project
  • Working with the Ministry of Health to strengthen community engagement

Its activities included:

  • Developing the community behavior change communication (BCC) strategy
  • Building the capacity of Ministry of Health to strengthen engagement of communities in BCC health planning 
  • Translating national level strategies into harmonized implementation plans for provincial, district and community levels