Wazazi Nipendeni Report 2017

Date of Publication
Wazazi Nipendeni was ocially launched in Mwanza in November 2012.
The goal of the campaign was to empower pregnant women and their partners to take the steps necessary for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. The campaign targeted pregnant women and their partners, with birth supporters, women intending to become pregnant, health providers, and local and district leaders as secondary audiences. 

The objectives were to increase the proportion of the primary target audience who attends ANC within the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, attends ANC at least four times during pregnancy, sleeps under a treated net every night, receives at least 2 doses of SP for the prevention of malaria in pregnancy, tests for HIV together with their partner, make an individual birth plan, and delivers at a health facility with a skilled provider.

The campaign was informed by Social Cognitive Theory and sought to model key behaviors in characters similar to the target audience, thereby increasing self and collective e_cacy. The tone was meant to be empowering, emotional, caring, and loving.


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