Supporting Orphans and other Vulnerable Children through Communication and Basic Counselling: A Reference Guide for Service Providers

International HIV/AIDS Alliance
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This guide has been written as a reference resource for non-professional counselors and staff working with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) who need to know how to provide some basic counselling as part of psychosocial support for the children in their care or through their projects.

This guide aims to provide information and guidance which can be used with other resources.

The guide aims to: strengthen the capacity of service providers to address the individual and collective psychosocial needs of children and young people; provide an easy to use two-in-one guide and reference material for child counselors; promote the personal and professional development of counselors and other staff working with children and young people; and help service providers to assess and deal with challenges in working with orphans and other vulnerable children.

The Alliance, as part of the CORE Initiative Project in Uganda developed this publication as part of a series of tools and guides to support the development of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGSLD) Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children Programme.

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