Saleema Communication Toolkit on FGM


The Saleema Initiative in Sudan provides positive communication tools that support the protection of girls from genital cutting, particularly in the context of efforts to promote collective abandonment of the practice at community level.  "Saleema" is a word that means whole, healthy in body and mind, unharmed, intact, pristine, and untouched, in a God-given condition.

The broad objective is to change the way that people talk about female genital cutting by promoting wide usage of new positive terminology to describe the natural bodies of girls and women. 

Saleema also aims to stimulate new discussions about FGM/C at family and community levels - new both with regard to who talks to who (’talk pathways’) and the specific issues communicated about (’talk content’).

This toolkit is for people who are working with communities to protect girls from all types of genital cutting and would like to use some of the communication approaches, materials and activities developed through the Saleema Initiative. Included are communication tools help to make communicating easier, more organised and more effective. 

There is also a training of trainers resource for this toolkit.