Review of Literature across Six Health Areas in Ethiopia

Date of Publication
This literature review contains a comprehensive analysis on determinants of health behaviors across six health areas, which led to the identification of crosscutting behavioral determinants and priority audiences for the Communication for Health Project, 2015-2020.

To inform the design of this integrated platform, Communication for Health conducted a review of 160 peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed literature to better understand the nature of these six health issues, and to identify priority audiences, their current practices, barriers to adoption of recommended practices, and opportunities for influencing change. This document is a synthesis of findings from the review, including recommendations concerning prioritization of health practices, priority audiences, and crosscutting behavioral determinants. The full literature review is available under separate cover. This synthesis begins with a discussion of recommended practices and their behavioral determinants for each key of the six health areas. This is followed by a discussion of crosscutting behavioral determinants, recommended audiences, communication channels and overall recommendations for the Communication for Health integrated campaign platform.