Report and Recommendations for the ScaleUp of the Roshan Mustaqbil (Bright Future) mHealth Pilot Intervention

Health Communication Component, Pakistan
This report is about the Health Communication Component (HCC) project in Pakistan. The HCC program developed the Roshan Mustaqbil (Bright Future) toolkit and mHealth application as a communication focused capacity strengthening intervention aimed at enhancing the communication skills and interpersonal effectiveness of LHWs as they provide Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and ChildHealth (RMNCH) counseling services to clients.
The first of its kind for Pakistani LHWs, the Roshan Mustaqbil IPC toolkit was designed to meet the LHWs information needs and empower them to better serve their communities. Further to the IPC toolkit, HCC developed  the  Roshan  Mustaqbil  mHealth  Application  that  has  two  components–  mCounseling (digitalized  version  of  IPC  toolkit)  and mLearning–Especially  designed  to  assist  LHWs  to improve  their interpersonal  communication  and  counseling  skills.

Results from  field  testing  of  both  the  mLearning  and  mCounseling  components  showed  that  a  rural sample of community based health workers, many of whom had basic education skills, were capable of using  the  App  effectively  to  deliver  quality  services  to  clients.  Users  perceived  that  using  both components of the App enhanced their knowledge, skills, and overall role performance. By the end of the mCounseling trial, all the participants agreed that their overall effectiveness as a LHW was enhanced from the resource.