PUSH COVID-19 Challenge

Date of Publication

As part of the efforts to support Nigeria in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria and partners will be supporting the #TakeResponsibility social media  campaign of the NCDC through various social media activities. The team created a #PUSH challenge.

PUSH stands for:

P = Practice coughing or sneezing in your elbow.
U = Use soap and running water to wash you hands regularly
S = Stay at home to reduce spread from person-to-person.
H = Help others by spreading this message

Participants are requested to:
1. Record a video of yourself (maximum of 60 seconds) doing something to help #PUSH Coronavirus out of Nigeria. Examples can be washing your hands, advising a friend over the phone to stay at home, reading a book, working from home etc.
2. Post this video on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with a caption of what you are doing including the #TakeResponsibility and help #PUSH coronavirus out of Nigeria
3. Tag NCDC on Facebook/Twitter (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on FB and @NCDCgov on Twitter)
4. Tag BA-Nigeria on Facebookn Instagram or Twitter (Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria on FB and @BANigeria on Instagram and Twitter)
5. Challenge at least three other persons, another implementing partner or social media influencer that you know .

Participants are encouraged to keep the chain going and encourage everyone to participate, and to feel free to repost, retweet, and like other posts with these hashtags to expand the reach of these messages.

Attached are promotional videos and artwork for the campaign. Note that these are not exhaustive but suggestive of what one can do to #TakeResponsibility and help #PUSH Coronavirus Disease out of Nigeria. The program is encouraging the public to add their social reach to this messaging and show examples to encourage others to do the same.