Malawi - Moyo ndi Mpamba Campaign Community Health Worker Flipchart

Date of Publication

This Community Health Worker Flipchart is an integrated SBCC support material that contains cue cards and corresponding content on SSDI-Communication’s six focal health areas that aligned with the messages included in the Family Health Booklet. The flipchart is simple and easy to use, even for low-literate audiences. SSDI-Communication developed flipchart in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health for SSDI-Services and Ministry of Health community volunteers to use as a reference during community and household outreach activities.

Over 12,000 Community Health Worker Flipcharts reached communities in Malawi in 13 districts. SSDI-Communication oriented over 8,000 community health workers and volunteers on how to use it to support families to adopt healthy behaviors. Anecdotal reports indicate that the Flipchart has filled a gap in basic health information at a literacy level appropriate for audiences in rural areas.

SSDI-Communication supported the Ministry of Health in realizing its ambitious health promotion agenda by developing and running a multimedia, multi-level Moyo ndi Mpamba, Usamalireni (“Life is precious, take care of it”) campaign, from 2011-2016. The ultimate goal of this campaign was to promote positive health behaviors and create demand for available services across six focus health areas – HIV & AIDS; family planning; nutrition; maternal, neonatal and child health; malaria; and water, sanitation and hygiene – and with audiences across the socio-ecological landscape and all targeted life stages.