Go Girls! Toolkit

Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

This toolkit contains a comprehensive set of research and program interventions designed to reduce girls' vulnerability to HIV. Field tested in Botswana, Malawi, and Mozambique, Go Girls! follows a socio-ecological approach to HIV prevention by working with communities, parents, schools, and youth to protect girls. This toolkit is for program managers, implementers, and researchers working in the areas of HIV, gender or youth programming, or a related field.

Go Girls! was guided by a comprehensive, five stage research portfolio including a literature review, formative research, baseline survey, process evaluation, and endline survey.. Survey findings found: • A positive association between girls’ participation in Go Girls! and HIV knowledge • Improvements in relationships between girls and their parents who participated in the Go Families! Adult-Child Communication activity • Improvements in the school environment in Go Girls! intervention schools • Increases in legal literacy among girls and adults who participated in Go Girls!

The survey data were also used to develop and test the Vulnerable Girls Index and the Supportive Community Index. These indices can be used to assess levels of girls’ vulnerability and support for girls in communities prior to implementation as well as to measure program-related changes.