Communication for Healthy Living (CHL): “Ask, Consult” Family Planning and Religion Pamphlet

Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs

The CHL “Ask, Consult” (Isaal-Istashir) campaign partnered with private companies to manage a network of 30,000 privately owned pharmacies. It was a part of the Communication for Healthy Living (CHL) project based in Egypt from 2003-2011.  CHL worked through a national working group  to implement SBCC strategies that addressed family needs through a life stage approach, linking families and communities to local health information and services.  It provided communication support for healthy lifestyles and behavior change on a broad spectrum of health outcomes. 

This pamphlet discusses issues regarding religion and family planning. Evaluation showed that 98% of this nationwide pharmacy network was reached by CHL’s integrated campaign of mass media, pharmacy training, and community outreach, supporting family health products, information and services.