Addressing Rumors or Myths and Role in Vaccine Safety Events


This video is part of a package of materials, including other short videos, for health workers, called Interpersonal Communication for Immunization.

 This video tells a story. 

The immunization program has been going well until a rumor begins that one child in a community far from the capital has become sick after receiving a vaccine. The rumor is becoming stronger every day and is picking up coverage on local radio.

Concerned that the rumor might make caregivers concerned about bringing their children for vaccination, a few frontline workers (FLWs) go to the house of the children who fell sick. They find out from the child's mother that she never thought her son was sick due to the vaccination he received. The mother agrees to speak to other caregivers during a community gathering to explain that her son's illness was not caused by his vaccination. She also responds to a few questions to reassure other caregivers about the safety and advantages of immunization.