booklet, written in French, Hausa, and Arabic, was developed by Transform/PHARE to support the Sarari intervention. It provides guidance to those delivering sermons on how to incorporate themes about many family welfare topics.

This book features two eight-year olds living in Africa: a girl called Kayla and a boy called Kendi. Kendi is living with HIV, but seems as happy as any other child. The story focuses on their carefree life at school, at home and in the countryside.

L'intervention utilise un prototype d'académie artisanale, Académie, pour atteindre les jeunes femmes à l'aide d'un atelier de perlage où les femmes apprennent à fabriquer colliers, bracelets et sacs, tout en recevant des cours sur les contraceptifs modernes et des références aux services contraceptifs.