This poster encourages Soul Buddyz Club kids to rate their own school in terms of safety, bullying, weapons, stealing, alcohol, drugs, disrespect, fights, hitting, and sexual harassment. It also provides steps for the students to take to make their school a safer place.

The Virtual Business Planning for Health Program (VBPH) equips organizations to develop a sound business plan to advance its mission. Participants learn how to capture and package new ideas, identify target markets, and determine the best complement of staff to design and launch the new product or service.

This is a toolkit to help prepare healthcare workers. This pre-service education toolkit outlines key programmatic steps, highlights lessons learned, and identifies key resources to assist country programs, donors, and governments to develop quality and relevant pre-service education interventions.

The purpose of this toolkit is to outline a concise, step-by-step process for developing a scaling up strategy. ExpandNet seeks to ensure that the benefits of interventions tested on a small scale are expanded to reach more people, more quickly and more sustainably.

The Planning, Costing and Budgeting (PCB) Framework is an Excel spreadsheet workbook designed to allow users to clearly identify the linkages between all elements of a plan–the activities, strategies, objectives and goals, and the budget required to achieve these goals and objectives.