Africa Best Rappers (ABR) is a hip hop, trap and a fusion of R&B recording acts from Sierra Leone that have been producing countless hits with a range of topics such as love, hardcore rap and social commentaries that has to do with the daily lives of the Sierra Leone populace both home and abroad.

This playlist includes a series of Public Service Announcements in Singapore made by MeWatch. The videos include topics like "What you can do to protect yourself from COVID-19" and "Handwashing Technique."

This editable, shareable powerpoint is part of a toolkit used by Village HopeCore International in Kenya to teach the public about COVID-19. The presentation provides basic information about COVID-19.

The World Health Organization has created a series of graphics to show important myths and facts related to COVID-19. Each graphic can be downloaded and shared.

Social media tools reach millions of individuals, private or not-for-profit organizations, and government officials around the world. The Global Handwashing Day social media campaign aims to create a global buzz about handwashing and to inspire increased investment in handwashing efforts globally.