Breakthrough RESEARCH is gathering, analyzing, and sharing evidence on the costs and impact of social and behavior change (SBC) interventions to support the case that investing in SBC is crucial for improving health and advancing development. A review of the SBC costing literature identified 147 studies on SBC costs, methodological shortcomings, and knowledge gaps that can be addressed in new SBC costing studies. <--break->" title="">

Social and behavior change (SBC) interventions like mass media, interpersonal communication, and community engagement play a critical role in improving health outcomes. Yet gaps in information on the costs and impacts of SBC interventions mean an incomplete picture of the value of SBC interventions, their contributions to social and health outcomes, and potential cost savings from implementing SBC programming for malaria.

La promotion de la santé est un moyen efficace pour accroître la participation individuelle et collective à l’action sanitaire, susciter la demande des produits de santé et favoriser l’utilisation des services de soins. L’approche a été recommandée en 1986 suite à l’adoption de la charte d’Ottawa par les États membres de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS). <--break->" title="">

USAID’s Feed the Future EatSafe – Evidence and Action Toward Safe, Nutritious Food (EatSafe) tests whether the consumer and their behaviors and actions can shape informal markets to adopt better food safety behaviors. The EatSafe project will use a variety of media-based SBCC interventions to reach market vendors and consumers to help change attitudes and behaviors around food safety.