Decision Makers

Le projet Breakthrough ACTION s’est engagé à accompagner le service national de promotion de la santé dans l’analyse des capacités des acteurs du CSC dans les domaines du paludisme, la SMNI et la PF/SR. Cette analyse consiste d’une part, à partir d’un questionnaire, pour effectuer une évaluation rapide de la capacité de changement social et comportemental des principaux partenaires gouvernementaux, internationaux et locaux du MS.

"Building on previous work on Ebola and Zika viruses using Global Health Security Agenda systems strengthening support, Breakthrough ACTION developed a process and technology for systematically collecting, analyzing, and addressing COVID-19 rumors in real-time in Côte d’Ivoire. Rumors were submitted through community-based contributors and collected from callers to the national hotlines and then processed on a cloud-hosted database.

"This paper describes the characteristics of an infodemic, which combines an inordinately high volume of information (leading to problems relating to locating the information, storage capacity, ensuring quality, visibility and validity) and rapid output (making it hard to assess its value, manage the gatekeeping process, apply results, track its history, and leading to a waste of effort).

The Rwanda Compass is a sister site to the Global Compass. It provides a curated collection of resources, materials and guidelines that have been designed for and implemented in Rwanda.