Social mobilization has been used over the years at different times to increase awareness of social issues and promote change at the community level. Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of social mobilization in improving health-seeking behaviors.

Transmedia is commonly defined as a narrative or project that combines multiple media forms. A transmedia project may combine many different types of prints or prose text, graphics and animation, or work across multiple platforms, such as different types of social media platforms, interactive websites or advertising outlets.

This message library, provided by WHO, is intended to be locally adapted and delivered to the general public in countries around the world via SMS or voice message.

The key objective of this site is to aggregate and highlight innovations under 12 COVID-19 categories. It includes innovations ready to deploy, plus innovations that could be adapted for COVID-19 responses, or inspire new much-needed solutions. 

Digital communication technologies play a foundational role in humanitarian response. Given the experience of Emergency Telecommunications Cluster’s (ETC) response for humanitarians, governments and affected population in varied conflicts and disasters, this document presents some of the particular needs emerging due to COVID-19 and activities that ETC can undertake to support humanitarian operations affected by COVID-19.

This is a  series of first person experiences of love, struggle, doubt, happiness and strength. Four people candidly share their real stories. Four artists have worked with the storytellers to create original artwork inspired by their stories.