This is a variety of COVID-19 communications materials developed by the Pan American Health Organization, comprising videos, animations and social media cards. The materials cover a range of topics including helping children deal with stress, domestic violence & COVID-19, physical distancing, mask wearing, etc.

"Hooked" is a comic series which was part of the National Family Health Campaign in Zambia which runs once per week on the campaign’s Facebook page and follows the life and interactions of young women and men in a college setting. It discusses family planning, condom use, HIV testing, and malaria prevention, among other health topics 

Inspired by the actions of young people across the world UNICEF has compiled a set of actions that anyone can take to join the fight against misinformation and stigma, and to promote community support and spirit, divided by the time it will take one to get involved, so anyone can decide how he or she can best contribute.

Le contrôle et la réglementation de la sexualité, en particulier celle des adolescentes, constituent une manifestation criante et souvent négligée des inégalités de genre et existent à travers différents contextes culturels et communautés du monde. Chez les adolescentes, les restrictions en matière de sexualité sont exacerbées par les fortes inégalités liées à leur âge et à leur genre.
Les adolescentes sont généralement dépourvues de pouvoir et de contrôle sur leur propre existence et, bien souvent, d’énormes contraintes limitent leur capacité à prendre des décisions pour elles-mêmes.

This one page document provides a summary on the Communication for Health school health intervention which operated by strengthening school clubs and providing support in conducting and celebrating school health days.