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Transform/PHARE is a USAID funded five-year project that introduces innovative practices from marketing, advertising, human-centered design and behavioral economics to strengthen health-related behavior change programming.

This chart was created as part of the Transform/PHARE project in Burkina Faso and maps the existing male engagement interventions in the country for unmarried, recently married, and experienced married men according to their role as clients, partners, and agents of change.

Les objectifs de ce projet au Niger étaient d'identifier les sections masculines les plus susceptibles de changer leurs attitudes et comportements vis-à-vis de la planification familiale, et de fournir des principes de haut niveau pour la conception et la mise en œuvre d'interventions ciblant ces résultats.

This booklet, written in French, Hausa, and Arabic, was developed by Transform/PHARE to support the Sarari intervention. It provides guidance to those delivering sermons on how to incorporate themes about many family welfare topics.