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This field-tested, six-day training package will enable private voluntary organizations and partners to replicate the BEHAVE workshops conducted with CORE Group members in multiple countries and regions around the globe. The manual consolidates handouts and facilitator materials with easy-to-use training guidelines.

The intended audience for this Toolkit is practitioners, program managers and health, conservation and development professionals interested in projects and policies that integrate community development activities with a focus on environment and health interventions.

The purpose of this course is assist partner organizations to prepare thorough budgets and cost estimates for their work, while also calculating a margin that allows them to be mission driven and market focused.  During the course participants will learn the basic vocabulary of financial accounting, examine the various types and sources of costs

These guidelines focus on cost recovery strategies in Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Cost recovery strategies can only be successful if an organization has a strong financial management system involving 1) controlling, 2) conserving, 3) allocating, and 4) investing an organization’s resources.