Search! is an interactive website in Kiswahili and English which delivers facts about sexual and reproductive health and lifestyle in a fresh, youthful and colourful way. 

The goal of Stay Teen is to encourage young people to enjoy their teen years and avoid the responsibilities that come with too-early pregnancy and parenting.  The site strives to provide information about issues like sex, relationships, waiting, and contraception, in order to better prepare teens to make informed choices for their future. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) developed Testing Makes Us Stronger for black gay and bisexual men with input from black gay and bisexual men across the country. The goal of this national campaign is to promote HIV testing among black gay and bisexual men.

This website offers an overview of some of the materials produced for the Act Against AIDS campaign available for download.  It offers HTML code for organizations that wish to place badges and banners on their website to link to the CDC's various Act Against AIDS campaign websites.