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Aiisseee! (“I Say!”) is a television and radio-based game show designed to improve couple communication and promote couple connectedness by giving contestants and listeners the chance to discuss serious relationship issues in a humorous way. In these programs, couples answer questions to see how well they know their partners.

HC3 Nepal developed a set of 8 health Public Service Announcements (PSA), in coordination with Suaahara and National Health Education Information Communication Center.   The 15 second spots reinforce critical health behaviors including hand washing, latrine use, importance of clean water, etc.  

In 2001, the DISH II Project in Uganda teamed up with Mediae Trust, a Kenyan development communication organization, to produce the dramatic television series Centre 4. The 13 - part series revolved around the lives of people living in the fictitous Konaweeka Trading Centre and working in the local Health Centre 4.

These templates for broadcast public service announcement scripts can be provided to local radio media as live-reads, or used when filming TV or radio PSAs locally. The scripts can be tailored for local use as appropriate.