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"Rhythm of Life" is Zambia's first music festival and health fair developed under the Health Communication Partnership, a six-year project funded by USAID, which provided family planning, reproductive health and maternal and child health service, HIV counseling and testing, counseling and referral for male circumcision, malaria testing, and othe

The strategies of bringing the MTV Shuga messaging to live audiences for more personalised involvement of staff and celebrities and for providing actual HIV testing opportunities resulted in the creation of touring festivals/shows.

Kids Against Malaria uses music and film to reach out to the global population at risk from malaria. The project was inspired by a song written with students at the International Center of Art and Music at Ouidah (CIAMO) of Art & Music in Benin.

This 3 minute music video is a remix of Ghanaian singer Nana Boroo's hit single Ahayede. The song, featuring Nana Boroo, encourages everyone to sleep under a treated net. The video shows people sleeping under various types of nets, and the correct way to hang a net.