In Tanzania, The National Costed Plan of Action (NCPAII) for Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) was developed to guide the implementation of actions and policies during 2013-2017 that aim to enhance the wellbeing of MVC. NCPAII aimed to prevent and reduce health and social risks for MVCs, and protect the rights of MVCs.

As part of Tanzania's program to increase infection prevention and control throughout the country, an SBCC strategy was developed.  Part of this strategy was the development of collateral materials which would remind service providers and the general public about the importance of IPC protocols.

Tanzania took upon itself a goal to eliminate new HIV infections in children and keeping their mothers alive by 2015.  This campaign, Getting to Zero, involved the cooperation of many different sectors and stakeholders. These novelty items were used during the campaign to promote the idea of getting to zero.

These are attractive communication materials developed by the Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI). They are everyday use items and are conspicuiously branded with the Get It Together Logo and family planning messages to create awareness.  Included: bag, T-shirts, umbrella, bumper sticker, pins, danglers, vests.