This comic book is part of the “Know Yourself” Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) Communication Program, developed by the Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs (BCCP), with support from the ARH Working Group, technical assistance from the Health Communication Partnership, based at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Pr

These 7 population flash cards are part of the religious leaders' training kit developed by the Jordan Health Communication Partnership. The flash cards provide key facts about the Jordanian population to help religious leaders see the important role family planning plays in family health.

This fatwa - a legal ruling issued by an Islamic scholar - on family planning was developed by Jordanian religious authorities as part of the religious leaders' training kit. The fatwa clarifies that family planning for spacing is allowable within the tenets of Islam and Islamic law, and provides a scriptural basis for its acceptance.

This is a contract that was on display in schools in Arua, Uganda. Discussions between UPHOLD staff and students, their families, and educators revealed the linkages between staying in school and avoiding pregnancy and HIV, and that a child’s ability and desire to remain in school is significantly influenced by a feeling of safety.