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This guidance from Public Health England explains that around 10% of mild coronavirus (COVID-19) cases who were not admitted to a hospital have reported symptoms lasting more than 4 weeks. A number of hospitalized cases reported continuing symptoms for 8 or more weeks following discharge.

“Long covid” is a term being used to describe illness in people who have either recovered from covid-19 but are still report lasting effects of the infection or have had the usual symptoms for far longer than would be expected. Many people, including doctors who have been infected, have shared their anecdotal experiences on social media, in the traditional media, and through patients’ groups.

This update summarizes current evidence and the World Health Organization (WHO) revised guidance regarding the use of hormonal contraception (HC) by women at high risk of acquiring HIV. 

The update lists the following guidance:

Women at high risk of HIV should not be restricted from using progestogen-only injectables.

This course is designed to provide information to enable physicians to recognize dengue cases early in the clinical course, assess patients appropriately, and provide timely treatment. It consists of 5 modules.  The first four modules deal with clinical issues delaing with diagnosis and treatment.