The coronavirus outbreak has caused major disruptions to daily life and children are feeling these changes deeply. While the return to school will be not only welcome but exciting for many students, others will be feeling anxious or frightened. This article offers tips to help children navigate some of the complicated emotions they may be facing with going back to school.

This page will provide the latest answers to frequently asked questionsa bout Zika.  It is a good resource for anyone needing background information on the virus, and for anticipating questions from the public and from medical personnel.

Current questions include:

This handbook contains material participants can use during and following training in effective communication. It is intended to be used by World Health Organization (WHO) staffers and trainers.

The range of topics covered by WHO’s risk communication training includes:

This table outlines some of the facilitation techniques that can be used in small or large group meetings. In most cases an experienced facilitator would be needed to guide the process.
The techniques described include the following: