COVID-19 Home Base

At the start of the pandemic COVID-19, social and behavior change (SBC) professionals immediately began to put their time, energy, and creativity into crafting programs, messages, and tools to help fight the spread of the virus and inform the public about how to keep themselves safe.

This COVID 19 Home Base, understandably a work in progress considering the fluidity of the situation, will connect you to:

  • The COVID-19 Communication Network - a curated resource with outstanding SBC materials
  • Planning guidance on COVID-19 SBC project development (assessment, program planning, implementation, and M&E)
  • Strategies, tools, and materials for the public
  • Background resources including documentation, strategies, and journal articles
  • Worldwide campaign materials

This page will be continuously updated and improved in order to meet your needs, and to respond to the ever-changing situation.  We welcome your questions and comments. You are also invited to send your own materials to

COVID-19 Risk Communication & Community Engagement  Toolkit 


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COVID-19: Ressources pour le changement social et  de comportement
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