This job aid is developed for frontline workers (Health Education Workers as well as Animal Health Workers) who are working at the community level to help community members engage with community representatives. Community representatives include, for example, elder men and women, religious leaders, teachers, traditional healers, agricultural development agents, and other relevant bodies. The job aid aims to help facilitate dialogue on how to prevent and control priority zoonotic diseases (anthrax, brucellosis, and rabies) in the community.

Wadata means “prosperity” in Hausa, and represents the vision of collaborating with individuals, households, communities and government as co-creators to generate growth. 

Pragati is a package of nine interactive games developed and refined through robust proof of concept and pilot testing in Nepal. Through game-play and critical reflection questions, they sparked challenging conversations in communities around fertility and social norms that drive birth timing and family size. 

 The purpose of this guide is to facilitate effective and guided community discussion on the issues of cultural and traditional practices that contribute to the spread of HIV in the community, and to help Change Agents in the community to carry out prevention activities in ways that incorporate appropriate and culturally sensitive messages to achieve project objectives.