Mobile Application

A company called Rebott, based in Nigeria and New York, developed this platform to give patients an opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of care that they receive, and to give clinics more information about their patients' needs. 

Zambia U-Report platform provides confidential, free of charge, individualized and interactive counseling services on HIV and STIs to adolescents and youth.   

RapidPro is an an open-source platform of applications that can help governments deliver rapid and vital real-time information and connect communities to lifesaving services. 

In response to low uptake of malaria prevention and care strategies, this how-to guide was developed to support professionals from National Malaria Control Programs (NMCPs), health promotion units, technical working groups, and implementing partners to monitor and evaluate SBCC activities that support case management.

This video, which can be used on smart phones, describes several techniques that can be used to help prevent cholera, including methods of treating water, washing of hands, and seeking medical advice if/when one has the symptoms of cholera.

This mobile phone application is available for both iPhone and Android phones.  It offers general information about the virus, suspected complications, and treatment options.